Friday 11 August 2017

When Jacob met James

News of James Chapman’s proposed new party, imaginatively called the Democrats, has been floating around for a day or so, but it was this morning’s performance on the Today Programme which set the www. buzzing. Guido has the sound clip. The BBC saw fit to introduce its customary balance by inviting the unflappable Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg into the studio as well.

I suspect listeners were more impressed by the ferocity of Mr. Chapman's interruptions and his somewhat hysterical delivery than by his message, which was roughly that:

  • He has several supporters or sympathisers including 7 ministers, including 2 cabinet members.
  • The Tory brand is damaged and can never again be elected. 
  • A Hard Brexit will make Black Wednesday look like a picnic. 
  • 60% of the Tory Party are/were for Remain.
  • The gap in the centre leaves people politically homeless.
  • We were sold a pack of lies during the referendum campaign.
  • Where is the £350?
  • Brexit is undeliverable and will be disastrous to the economy.
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg has captured my party.

Jacob Rees-Mogg managed:

  • The democratic process.
  • Undermining the democratic process.
  • The will of the people.

Anyway, one of the most un self-aware remarks one is likely to ever hear was John Humphrys saying indignantly  “Let him finish his sentence!”


  1. This guy was the chief of staff for the Dept. for Leaving the EU? I was right to suspect Theresa May was trying to undermine the whole thing. He's not wrong about how many Tories are Remainiacs, or that you were sold a pack of lies during the referendum campaign. He would probably disagree with me about which side was selling the lies.

    Well, the BBC has it's new narrative now, thanks to this useful idiot.

  2. Ellie Fant-Indaroom12 August 2017 at 00:02

    The BBC is rather concerned about another "new" party emerging...a left of centre populist party headed up by someone who is not afraid to tell the truth about Islam and Sharia.

    1. Ellie Fant-Indaroom12 August 2017 at 00:47

      Meant to add that - odd news prioritisation by the BBC on the face of it (AMW one candidate among 11 in a minor party that got trounced in the recent election)...they've put this at no. 3 on their website while the world teeters on the brink of nuclear war! lol

      And why do they focus on her candidature and not that of the other ten?

      And why do they describe her as "anti-Islam" rather than "pro-democracy"?

      Hmmm...could it be the BBC are shit-scared they are going to be faced with a revived UKIP ready to actually take on their news agenda rather than play along with it?

    2. Yes, the BBC are as usual getting in their retaliation first. But this works both ways - remember the oxygen of publicity!

  3. "Where is the £350?"

    I wish it was only "£350".

    1. We never did have an explanation about who authorised that £350million per week statement did we? If they had put £10 billion per annum - a figure that then would have passed muster as the best estimate - no one would have queried the figure. Probably a cock-up but it could have been a Remainer mole. We know there were moles in the campaign.

      However, It has to be said that there is no doubt that as our economy and population have been growing relative to other EU countries, we would get to that figure if we stayed in the EU, and furthermore, the rebate has to come up for renegotiation again, so it is not unfair to include the rebated sum in a calculation. The default position is we pay the full amount, not that we get a rebate.


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