Monday 28 August 2017

Further thoughts and an update

Following my earlier piece, Craig has reminded me that Amina Lone, like the majority of her co-religionists, is "actively pro-Palestinian" on Twitter. Quelle surprise, as they say. 
No matter how outspoken a moderate Muslima may be in going public with her criticism of regressive cultural practices, she will still oppose Israel and Zionism. You can take the misogyny out of a moderate but you can’t take the antisemitism out of a Muslim. Or something. 

Do look at Amina Lone’s Twitter feed for a minute.  Here she says the deselection “happened in June not because of any recent interviews”.
It just shows how misconceptions (lies?) jet round the world before the truth (whatever that is) has time to put its burka on.

Even if her deselection is genuinely nowt to do with Sarah Champion’s aborted criticism of Muslim grooming gangs, the perception that it is has been generally accepted as truthful.
The trouble is that, true or false, it has had  little impact on the Labour Party’s standing, just as all the rest of the appalling stuff that pours forth from team Corbyn is ignored or glossed over by the MSM.

Also via the same timeline, note this series of tweets about the eyebrow brigade from “uberfeminist” including several foul-mouthed and embittered tweets by Nadia Chan. I wonder why Peter Kosminsky didn't base one of his characters on Ms Chan? His drama would have gained in authenticity what it might have lost in empathy.


Here’s another P.S. This one is to Craig’s Andrew Norfolk scoop.

Click on the link to the paper review with Daisy McArthur and Tim Stanley. Did you spot Daisy McArthur’s immediate response to the story? She began with a preemptive caveat, presumably to head off the politically correct protests from her friends and colleagues that she assumed would be forthcoming.
“There’s a bit of me that thinks there…well, there’s a lot of me that thinks there is more to this story than meets the eye, and I suspect this might be the beginning of a number of stories in Tower Hamlets.  
The nub of the story is that this 5 year old little girl, you can see her picture on the front page there pixellated, has been placed, has gone into foster care taken away from her mother and has been placed um with a Muslim family who don’t speak English all the time at home and obviously you can see there in the picture wears a niquab or a burka. 
Now the controversy is that people will immediately think this is pandering to you know racist views - why shouldn’t you have one ethnicity tor one religion fostering another? Of course when you come down to it, if the child can’t make herself understood or doesn’t speak the same language as this family, if the child’s not used to somebody having their face covered, I think that is a serious, serious problem.

No Daisy. The controversy is not that, and by the way, what are these racist views to which you allude, prey? Oh, you mean people who suffer from that terrible affliction, Islamophobia.

Yes, it might indeed be less controversial if families could foster within their own culture. Yes, cultural considerations might have to take a back seat when needs must, but why must we turn this particular case on its head to test our own outrage? Are we so afraid of being accused of hypocrisy? 
Do we really need to defend our outrage at this scandalous scenario by bringing up the case of, say, the UKIP family who were allegedly denied the right to foster because of their politically incorrect values?   Whataboutery like that shouldn't even be necessary.

Please, what’s wrong with a bit of inconsistency in this case? Have we all forgotten? This is Britain for heaven’s sake, not Pakibloodystan.  Oh, I forgot; it was Tower Hamlets.


  1. The key question is, how many Muslim children have been put into foster care with white Christian households? Answers on the back of Koran.....

  2. Surely the Tower Hamlets social services people are guilty of an outrageous breach of human rights - or are only the ethnic and religious minorities protected by the legislation? Sisyphus (posted as anonymous because my Blogger seems to be on strike!)

  3. Ms McArthur suffering from that strange belief that Islam is a race.
    Seems a common misconception on the Beeb.
    So common that "some may think" that it's a deliberate blurring that's going on.

  4. Apologies for being OT, but this is devastating news:

    Andrew Neil is stepping down from hosting the Sunday Politics, to be replaced by....wait for it....the daughter of a former Labour leader.

    1. You're talking about Labour Royalty here - Succession is a given right after all.

    2. I predicted some time ago that Andrew Neil would be replaced by soggy left types. And so it proves...

      The interesting bit will be when the soggy leftists at the BBC are replaced by the fist-aloft Antifa types.

      I've some time with Andrew Neil, but by hanging around, pretending there is some sort of veneer of impartiality at the BBC, he has done the work of the PC globalist elite. To some extent he was the original globalist (Economist, Murdoch and all that)...he's not a traditional rightist, more a free market libertarian.

    3. I suppose one can find fault with Neil for lending the BBC credibility it otherwise mostly doesn't deserve. After all, if not for Nick Robinson's youthful indiscretion, Neil would be held up by defenders of the indefensible as proof the BBC isn't biased because he alone balances out thousands of Leftoids at the BBC.

      But he wouldn't have the same audience reach anywhere but the BBC. So I don't really blame him. In any event, I will sorely miss the much needed corrective after watching the ghastly Marr Show on Sunday mornings. Assuming my VPN sorts out the BBC's new IP blocking scheme and I can access iPlayer again, I might have to push watching Marr until a reasonable drinking hour.

      I'm sure Neil has his globalist corporate flaws, but that has very little to do with how he gives both sides equal treatment, and doesn't let his show be anyone's party political platform. Even if he does let his opinions show now and again, which is just as wrong as when any Left-wing Beeboid does it.


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