Tuesday 29 August 2017

Fresh in

If you haven’t yet seen the bit of film I linked to in this post you’re too late. You've missed it. Channel 4 has removed it from the interweb. It’s gone. (So has Assem Baig.)

 Read more; meanwhile this clip from Channel 4 News is, for the time being, on Youtube. 

Oh, and rest assured, Channel 4 news is investigating.

I think I have reinstated the missing film on the Browbeaten thread; be quick if you haven't seen it yet as it will probably be gone again soon. 


  1. BBC reaching out to hire him in 3....2.....1....

  2. It's the mainstream pro-Sharia millions we should really be worried about, not the nutjob wing who say what the millions daren't or don't.

    1. Sadly, that nutjob wing grows larger by the day. That needs to be reported loud and clear.

    2. Well yes, but the Fake News line put about by the BBC, also Sky and ITV, is that the vast majority of the ideology's followers are moderates who would be shocked by Sharia (killing of gays, killing of atheists, gross inequality for women, discrimination against Jews , Christians, Hindu and other ethical religious people). See our soaps for how this false message is reinforced in drama. Likewise in other departments such as sport, lifestyle and current affairs. We are being fed a very big lie and that is wrong and dangerous.


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