Monday 28 August 2017

Mishal Husain's view

Mishal Husain isn't happy about today's lead story in the Times:

For a contrasting opinion on this story, please read this by Melanie Phillips


  1. So Ms. Husain avoids addressing the case itself by inventing another problem. Says it all, really.

    Last week she was blaming the British government and military for the Libyan Coast Guard firing on Italian boats coming to 'rescue' smuggled 'refugees', because they were trained by the British.

    Mishal Husain denies your reality and substitutes her own.

  2. The BBC News Channel this lunchtime are reporting that the Tower Hamlets Social Services Dept are saying that they do not recognise this case, and will not comment on the story as to do so might affect their ability to protect the children in their care. There is no attempt from the BBC to use their Journalists to investigate the story - are they frightened as to what they might find?

  3. Just to note the link wasn't readable here.

    'A clash of religions' - more like whose country is this anyway?

  4. Mishal - educated and brought up in Saudi Arabia - breaks cover. Remember - she has never once offered a word of criticism of the extreme oppressive regimes in Saudi or the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which practice horrible discrimination against all Kaffirs. But she's found plenty to whinge about elsewhere.


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