Monday 21 August 2017

Is there a future for British Jews

Sky News treated their Political Correspondent’s film about British Jews as a major news story yesterday. It was prominently featured throughout the day. Maybe it was a dull day for news or something, but Sky seemed to find it newsworthy. 

The story was based on the findings of a survey by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, which concluded that one in six British Jews (17%) felt unwelcome in Britain and 37% felt the need to conceal their Judaism in public. 

Sky still fell into the trap (is it a trap?) of identifying “British Jews’ by showing footage of Orthodox Jews scurrying along the streets in traditional dress. However when Tamara spoke to Mandy Blumenthal in a cafe, both ladies were cunningly disguised in plain clothes. 

(I will resist going wildly off at a tangent here. Very tempted though)

Ms. Bumenthal said: 
"I can't believe I'm having to do this but I'm literally scared not of what's going to be happening in England tomorrow or even next year, but I think within the next 10 years it will not be tolerable for Jews here.”

The BBC didn’t think this story merited a slot on the main news, but they did discuss it on the Sunday Programme, the Radio 4 magazine programme that covers religious matters.

William Crawley spoke to Gideon Falter of the CAA. Falter was allowed to speak at length, but twice, when he was in full flow, Crawley interjected, crying “Gideon! Gideon!” 

Anyway, see if you can spot a pattern in the interjections. 

1.) “We’ve also got a lot of concern at the way that antisemitism is being allowed to fester in British politics….”  “Gideon!”

2.) “……the government in particular and I also think the Labour Party in particular need to be extremely worried about the message that’s currently being sent to British Jews” ”Gideon! Gideon!” 

Was Crawley trying to steer the conversation away from the antisemitism in the Labour Party? Or am I imagining it.


  1. Sky still fell into the trap (is it a trap?) of identifying “British Jews’ by showing footage of Orthodox Jews...

    Good point. The BBC does this as well, and it's revealing of prejudice. Are the majority of British Jews black hats? If so, then it's fair enough to show very foreign-looking stock footage. If not....

    Crawley wasn't trying to steer the conversation away from from anti-Semitism in the Labour party so much as we was doing what he is told by his editor and doing everything possible to make sure the audience knew he was challenging the idea to avoid the inevitable deluge of complaints about anti-Corbyn bias and - most importantly - of pro-Jewish/Zio bias.

  2. I fail to see why Corbyn or anyone else should be granted a free pass? He hasn't covered himself in glory in managing his party (the proclaimed 'people's PM' is also Labour leader no?) It isn't for the fourth estate to ape him in clasping eyes and ears.

    1. It wasn't exactly a free pass. Corbyn must have made some sort of back room deal to get Baroness Shami of Whitewash her gong in exchange for her seal of approval on that phony inquiry.

  3. Is there room in Israel for British non-Jews? That's the 'silenced' British, not the drug-dealing, knife-wielding, acid-throwing, child raping, tax-fiddling, benefit-scamming, co-sanguinating 'British' beloved of Mrs May and the BBC.

    1. Israel has a rather strict immigration policy, I'm pleased to say (at least for the Israelis themselves), so your average non-Jewish Brit may find it a bit difficult to get in. My prediction has long been that "original" Brits, shall we call them, people with several hundreds years of family history behind them and no wish to identify with non-British cultures, together with vulnerable recent migrants, will begin leaving the UK in ever larger numbers over the coming decades. No doubt the government will be pleased to see the absurd and meaningless "net migration" figure fall as a result. But I can see the UK losing maybe 10-20 million original Brits over the next 50 years (that only a max of 400,000 pa). We all know how a stampede works. Once the exodus becomes news worthy (not by the MSM perhaps, but once word gets round) then more and more people will be investigating their options, and heading for places like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, West Indies, USA, India, and Israel.

    2. Monkey Brains:
      Agreed. We are heading for a situation where anyone who can will get the hell out.
      Obviously the current and visibly upcoming crop of politicians are unwilling and/or incapable of stopping the slide towards a sudden lurch into Sharia.
      The only alternative I can see might be a last desperate fight-back by the "deplorables" led by a person or persons as-yet-unknown. I doubt that this will happen before it is too late.

  4. Noticeably on the rare occasions when the likes of the BBC mention antisemitism they never seem to explore why exactly it might have risen recently, from a formerly comparatively low level.
    They are also happy to leave the impression that the more egregious perpetrators might be mostly called Darren from Essex rather than, say, Mo from Slough.


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