Monday 7 August 2017

Open Thread

Here's one for the Chinese and the Indians at the moment (and it's nothing to do with food):
And while they're busy sorting that out (with John Simpson's help?), here's a new open thread.

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  1. Just heard a report on the radio about an attack today at a quiet summer fete where a nasty crowd of vicious Brexit race haters abused some innocent Eastern European fruitpickers. The thing is neither ITV nor SKY have picked up on the story at all. Only the good ol BBC are brave enough to report it though even they have restricted coverage to the Archers. This sort of thing must be going on up and down the country as well as in Ambridge but where is the coverage?

    1. Ambridge is at the cutting edge of social developments in this country. It is the only village in the UK where women make up a majority of the local cricket team, where all women are fascinated by the intricacies of cricket and women are actually better cricketers than men. Nothing counter-factual there then.

  2. Another Brexit analogy in the Open Thread video, I see...the German Shepherd bears its teeth but is seen off by the feisty feline...then they kiss and make up once negotiations are completed.

  3. Does Amol Roy have shares in the Independent? Seems quite likely that would have formed part of his emoluments as editor.

  4. Effusions from the simian cerebellum...

    1. Noticeable how the MSM are reporting the unanimous UN Security Council resolution on harsh N Korea sanctions. Had it been Obama's work, he would have been hailed as a genius of diplomacy. As it's Trump though, he gets no, or virtually no mention, and then only in the blandest, factual of terms.

    2. St Macron of Enarque has blotted his copybook. No longer the golden boy since he broke the Trump boycott and cosied up to Donald and Melania. They are now reporting his problems, his fall in popularity and so on...BBC, the enforcer on can't back Trump and expect no comeback.

    3. BBC giving Corbyn a very easy ride on his words re Venezuala...that said, I think they are a bit pulled both ways...they would love it if Corbyn could go away and be replaced by a soggy leftist (Chukka, Stella, doesn't matter who) who would then inherit JC's popularity. But even they know this is wishful thinking on their part...hence the current BBC position of pushing the Venezualan story but not with any real commitment, as they did with Tories and Pinochet.

  5. Proof the BBC doesn't do its own homework on US issues and just leaps to follow what their fellow travelers at the NY Times say.

    The NY Times published a lie that the latest National Climate Assessment report was leaked to the press because the scientists who worked on it and the 13 federal agencies involved were afraid that Trump would suppress it because he's a climate denier. It was a lie, because these things are made publicly available beforehand for review, comments, etc.

    The disgusting Warmist juveniles at the BBC even reached out to one of the scientists featured in the article to ask about it. They didn't do their homework, just believed the lie the NY Times told.

    They do not leave their opinions at the door. Their opinions drive their reporting.

    Another example is this BBC 'investigation' into how dangerous greenhouse gases are still being emitted into the atmosphere despite reports to the contrary.

    On the other hand, the BBC has censored all news of Australia being caught fiddling their data to make temperatures seem worse.

    The BBC sure reported the fearmongering back when they announced the record temperatures based on the faked data, though.

    Never trust the BBC on anything other than celebrity news and maybe local feel-good stories.

  6. Keep an eye on how the BBC covers the insane Google story about firing somebody for committing the thoughtcrime of suggesting women have different aptitudes and attitudes than men, and that Google has a stifling PC culture.

    Guess which side the BBC is on.

  7. Newsnight is generally ignoring the fact that the world is teetering on the brink of nuclear war in Korea preferring to focus on its usual obsessions, such as the UK's north-south divide, Macron and South Africa but did devote at least 3 monutes to the issue...

    As always Newsnight chooses its experts well. This time it was a Mark Fitzpatrick. Just take a look at his Twitter account and you find he is a fully paid up Trumpophobe and naive appeasers who actually believes Iran abides by international treaties.

  8. The Politburo have issued a new set of ideological guidelines.

    I am sure we have all heard BBC reporters speak enthusiastically about Free Trade Agreements in North America and the Pacific during the Obama era...never once offering any deep analysis of what is meant by "Free Trade".

    Now Jonty Bloom addresses the subject and concludes:

    " trade agreements do not do what they say on the tin.

    They do not make all trade free and frictionless; maybe they should be called "freer trade agreements"? "

    This is clearly a pre-emptive strike by the BBC. Whilst there is nothing particularly objectionable in what Bloom's exercise in the bleedin' obvious this isn't some innocent exercise in informing the public (were that the case they would have explained in depth when considering NAFTA and other trade agreements.) No - the reality is they can see we are going to end up with a free trade agreement with the it's important they start undermining that from here on in, in case the populace relax and think things haven't ended up too badly after Brexit.

    The BBC won't allow Brexit to happen without a fight and as soon we exit the campaign for reunification (with full acceptance of the Euro and Schengen) begins.

    1. Japan now has a mostly free trade agreement with the EU. Access to the sainted Single Market without penalties, and without having to accept free movement of third-world Muslim 'migrants'. There are protectionist duties in place here and there, to protect favored industries on both sides, of course (e.g., cheese for the EU, pork for Japan), but it basically puts the lie to the BBC narrative that such a thing is nigh on impossible for poor old Little Britain.

      It's built on top of pre-existing arrangements, of course, but what could be a more solid groundwork on which to build a new agreement than being in the EU for 30 years?

  9. This is the BBC Vile Service. Next - PC with Eddie Merde.

    Had enough? It's not going to get any better is it once the kindergarten Corbynistas take over from the Soggy Left cabal.


    Has anyone seen this covered on the BBC?

    1. Others are saying it has been ignored by our world class news service employing over 2000 know, the ones who can't even spot the wrongly spelt captions on the graphics.

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