Thursday 25 October 2018

According to many people

Oh dear, it looks as if John Humphrys is about to be the target of yet another Feedback campaign.

(Roger Bolton will probably be rubbing his hands in anticipation at this very moment).

So, therefore, what would your question be? Let's assume that it doesn't get through Parliament. Let's assume that we have what is called, ludicrously according to many people, 'a people's vote'... 

Ah, Chuka, just try that with the BBC Complaints Department! What they'll say is: John didn't call the term 'people's vote' "ludicrous". He said that "many people" thought it is "ludicrous"'. So he wasn't expressing his own view, merely citing the views of others. 

Whether Chuka will believe that or not is another matter.

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  1. How many times does John Mcdonnell have to say, “What we want is a General Election”, before Humphrys or any of his colleagues reply, “Basically you are just using this situation to force a General Election. You will vote down any deal to that end”.


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