Sunday 28 October 2018

Very unpopular

Sticking with Mr Marr, here he was at the start of the paper review, running though the headlines:
The Observer, back on the Budget, it's got an investigation revealing how Universal Credit, very unpopular, is fuelling the UK's homelessness crisis it says. 
Is Universal Credit "very unpopular"? Well, according to YouGov 38% oppose it, but 27% support it and 37% don't know. That's not "very unpopular", is it?


  1. Views are, at best, ‘split’. Actually split; not the bbc version.

  2. I suspect most people think that it is a good idea to simplify the system and obviously believe that work should pay, but probably don’t know exactly how Universal Credit works in practice. I don’t think these figures mean anything at all. The BBC could have a serious debate and get into the real details of why some people are benefiting and why others are in difficulties, but they would rather just provoke a facile left versus right split.

  3. In the words of the song, it's
    '...much too much
    And just too very very
    To ever be in Webster's dictionary'.


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