Saturday 6 October 2018

Bully-boy tactics

Most nights BBC Newsdesk and Planning editor Neil Henderson tweets out the newspaper front pages under the hashtag #tomorrowspaperstoday. Or occasionally his colleague Helena Lee does it, if he's off. 

All they do is to tweet the front page of every newspaper without comment. 

Most people appreciate their nocturnal activity but, of course, you can't please everyone - especially those who object to the paper or the headline being tweeted.

(Quite a lot think the BBC shouldn't be tweeting papers like the Express and the Mail for example).

With surprising regularity, many such people then yell 'BBC bias!' back at the BBC, even when - to anyone who uses their brain as something other than insulation for their skull - this daily service is quite obviously no such thing. 

But some of the complainants, who obviously know what Neil and Helena are really doing, aren't idiots. They do it in a calculating, dishonest way, evidently in order to bully the BBC.

Take, for example, a certain Alastair Campbell who sent out this tweet overnight:

Thankfully, the sensible part of Twitter has responded along with the insensible rabble and given the old propagandist a ticking-off. 

He knows exactly what he's up to with tweets like this.


  1. From the Bill Clinton joke book:

    Seven inch heels, thick gaudy make-up, thigh skimming mini dress, pouting to camera, feigned indignation...are we really supposed to believe this, from the BBC?

    1. Whoops - wrong thread...

  2. CSI:W1A is a joke now, so funny to see Ali setting up repeats.

    I sympathise with Neil a bit, but Ali did serve him a lob to volley back big time.

    And let’s not forget what the BBC includes, has no space for, puts at the top or in Ceebeebies Hastings at best.

    Rob Burley is a fan of this, only engaging easy wins and ignoring valid points.


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