Saturday 27 October 2018


On the same theme as the previous post, David Keighley's latest piece at TCW takes stock of where we are as far as the BBC being held to official account goes.

He puts the jigsaw together and lets us see the scale of the problem.

From successive post-John Whittingdale Culture Secretaries, through the present Damian Collins-headed Commons Culture & Media Select Committee, to Mrs May's (ex-BBC) Press Secretary Robbie Gibb, and the BBC's new Management Board (headed by the barely-visible Sir David Clementi), onto Ofcom itself, David sees allies of the BBC and enemies of Brexit as far as the eye can see. 

It's deeply dispiriting, and I think I may have been too optimistic in my previous post.

The BBC is, as least as far as the powers-that-be go, as unfettered and unchallenged as it's been for a long while. 

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  1. The degree of old bbc boys, girls and mxs’ infiltration in every ngo, quango, etc is astounding. However, even they might struggle to cope with fewer and fewer paying the licence fee.

    I was however livid to discover both my two’s uni digs’ rental included the tvl.


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