Saturday 20 October 2018

Leaping in

From the BBC's Home Affairs Correspondent yesterday:

Note though how, if some people don't want to talk about the Sikh ringleader of the Huddersfield paedophile gang and want to keep the focus on Muslims, other people (with just as much of an agenda) just can't wait to make a point about it not quite being an all-Muslim gang:

...though it may be that Dominic Casciani has leaped too soon there (see link).

Update: Comments could be going better for Dom:


  1. Casciani already distorting the narrative, making it sound like this is the first Contempt of Court hearing, and is not a fresh hearing after the original judgement was quashed owing to gross procedural irregularities.

    As for the rest of it..."Sikh/seek and ye shall find an excuse" applies to all the BBC journos now working hard to minimise the negative impact on the PC multiculturalist/mass immigration project.

  2. In a video he made yesterday at an Indian restaurant, Robinson has pointed out that the sudden interest in lifting reporting restrictions is down to what he will say in court next week.

    The narrative being peddled by the BBC and the Guardian is that it is they who are responsible for the lifting, but I think we know the truth is that this is a handshake between the courts and the established media to achieve a level of credibility and pseudo- transparency, and maintain the necessary destructive narrative with which to defeat TR.

    After Robinson's arrest outside Leeds court, and his consequent hasty improsing, it became clear that events were being reported all across the internet and were being ignored by mainstream media in the UK. It was only after the established media realised they were being undercut and made to look like goody two shoes that they approached the courts to ask for a partial lifting of restrictions.

    That way, they could assure the public that they were on the case and simultaneously slander Robinson.

    (see CH4 propaganda piece

    In actual fact the story had gone twice round the world and was being reported on American You-Tube channels, leading in turn to being reported on main stream US news channels which were not under UK restriction rules.

    I hope his lawyer does a good job next week.

  3. Looks like Sajid has exceeded the rights given to him by the new rules. Silly man.

    1. Yes silly...or possibly a little sinister. There was something not right about the way he referenced his chief police officer brother as well at the Conservative conference either.


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