Sunday 28 October 2018


Of the Synagogue shooting suspect Robert Bowers, Sky News reports that:
In another post, President Donald Trump was criticised for allowing Jewish people to enter the US.
Bowers was not an admirer of President Donald Trump and wrote in one post: “I did not vote for him nor have I owned, worn or even touched a Maga [Make American Great Again] hat.”
And even the Guardian details several of his posts criticising President Donald Trump. 

The BBC News website's report, however, makes no mention of his views about Donald Trump, ending instead with a paragraph that could easily mislead readers to assume he was actually an admirer of the President:
The BBC's Dan Johnson in Washington says the shootings come at a tense time in the US, after a week in which mail bombs were sent to critics of Mr Trump, ahead of crucial mid-term elections next month.


  1. Dan Johnson in Washington? Aren't there enough BBC reporters already in North America? The Cliff Richard debacle in which Dan Johnson was instrumental, seems to have launched his career very nicely. I would describe that as rewarding failure. To quote Craig: 'How very BBC'.

  2. When the going gets dire, at the bbc the dire get on the red eye.

    Katty better hijack ‘Blue Thunder’.


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