Saturday 20 October 2018

Something or other

I'm only guessing (given that I'm not watching the BBC News Channel today -  except for Dateline London) that The Lordly Adonis, Carole Catweazle and Alice de Campbell will only be pretending to be disappointed by the BBC as I'd place a very heavy bet that the BBC is presently giving the Second People's Vote march acres of coverage. 

My view (if you're interested) remains that unless 17.5 million people take part (i.e. more people than the 17.4 million who voted to leave the EU in 2016) such a march is worth diddly-squat (as someone at work says), other than as a lovely day out for a few hundred thousand people (the police say 120,000; the organisers claim 670,000).

At least this time no one at Woman's Hour has (so far) tweeted and then had to delete their support.


  1. Craig, that's interesting, the Beeb website claimed Scotland Yard was unable to estimate the number taking part. Must say I thought getting on for 3/4 million people would take up more space.

  2. I don't think I've seen so many white faces on a demonstration since the Countryside March. The BBC is doing its best to redress the facts with some fantasy pics suggesting more ethnic minority participation that was actually the case but that's the truth of the matter: this was overwhelmingly a white, middle class and privileged demo.

    I look forward to Farage calling a Million Pissed Off Leavers March...I'll be on it and I haven't been on a march for 40 years or more. It won't prove anything more than a 0.5 million person march but it will embarrass the BBC. I will personally sponsor a coach from Sunderland.

  3. Craig, What was your source for, "The police say 120,000"? - Might help nail one of the biggest recent pro-Remain lies.

    1. My source, alas, is just various Twitter comments on some of the Twitter feeds I follow. I've not directly seen a police statement to that effect though. I can't find direct links for any police claims. Have I fallen for 'fake news'?

    2. Problem is, these days, fake news is as likely to emanate from the BBC as anywhere else, so who knows?


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