Tuesday 30 October 2018

Paul Mason gets something wrong again (shocker)

One of the minor pleasures of blogging about BBC bias is that, from time to time, you get to debunk Paul Mason....

The former Newsnight economic economic was, in his usual Wolfie Smith fashion, raising the red flag of revolution last night against the reactionary licksplittles and running dogs at the BBC:

His point? 

Well, Kamal Ahmed's News at Ten report featured one Rupert Harrison as a 'talking head', and the caption introducing Mr Harrison simply read 'BlackRock Asset Management'. And he said complimentary things about the Budget. 

So yes, just as Paul said, Rupert Harrison was presented as if he was some kind of impartial expert......with no mention whatsoever that he'd been George Osborne's former chief of staff. 

So "Pro-Tory BBC bias!", according to Paul.


What Wolfie neglected to mention was that just a few moments later in the same Kamal Ahmed report there came a second 'taking head': one Professor Mariana Mazzucato. And the caption introducing her simply read 'University College London'. And she said uncomplimentary things about the Budget.

So she too was presented as if she was some kind of impartial expert......with no mention whatsoever that John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn appointed her to be a Labour Party economic advisor. 

So what's that then, Paul? "Pro-Corbyn BBC bias!"?

This isn't really a 'complaints from both sides' thing. It's much more a 'Paul Mason got it wrong again' thing!

Now I say 'got it wrong again', but given that it's very unlikely that he didn't know that Prof. Mazzucato has close ties to the Corbyn leadership, maybe he 'got it wrong' deliberately?

(I know...shocking thought!)


  1. Shouldn't Poland and Hungary be in economic meltdown by now, having rejected mass immigration into their countries? Because the BBC is always telling us about the wonderfully positive impact of unoontrolled immigration on economies.

    I thought I'd check on just how bad things were now for these countries...what do I find? Poland GDP growth rate is currently 5.1% and Hungary's is 4.8%.

    If these countries were led by left wing governments, the BBC would be running non-stop programmes on their respective economic miracles! But as they are the "wrong type of government" we hear just about nothing about their economic success.

    Shame on the shameless BBC: distorting the record since 1923.

    1. Check out this clip about Savile Town in Yorkshire:


      Poland and Hungary would.t have one of their towns taken over in this way.

    2. Also, you should try going to East Europe with a gaggle of kids and trying to get social housing there. You wouldn't stand a cat in hell's chance. I know Brits who have been on social housing lists in the UK for years and have to witness foreigners being given the keys to new build social housing properties.

  2. Paul Mason is hilarious. I would put him in the same bracket as Billy Bragg. A kind of living caricature.

    1. Agreed. But he was for a considerable period in a position of influence and supposed credibility, which he is allowed still to take upon by some.

      Shame that when allowed out of his padded cell few take it seriously beyond an incestuous bubble.


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