Thursday 25 October 2018

Yet again

No badge for Majd

After the Kingdom of Jordan announced a downscaling of parts of its peace treaty with Israel, Majd Yousef - Online Editor at BBC World Services and a YouTube Editor at BBC Arabic - tweeted her "Happiness". 

The offending journalist's Twitter feed has now been deleted.


  1. Then there is the absurdity of getting a left wing pro-Democrat Guardian contributor, Michael Goldfarb, to address the future of the Democratic Party in the USA.

    This is the standard of his tweets (total anti-Trump and anti-Brexit bias):

    Incidentally he makes play of his BBC connections in his self-publicity. He often remarks on his work for the BBC.

    But they seem to have no problem with his gross bias and have put him in charge of reviewing the future for the Democrats:

  2. as if they ever bother about this rule as long as employees are biased in the LEFT direction.

    “Impartiality is a particular concern for those working in News and Current Affairs. Nothing should appear on their personal blogs or microblogs which undermines the integrity or impartiality of the BBC. For example, News and Current Affairs staff should not: […]

    advocate any particular position on an issue of current public controversy or debate.”


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