Wednesday 3 October 2018

Of Habeas Corpus and Emily Maitlis

Under the greatest of England's medieval kings, Henry II, England gave birth to the concept of Habeas Corpus. And English common law enshrined the presumption that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. 

Both concepts crossed the Atlantic and were adopted by the United States of America.

Is all that long-fought-for progress starting to slip? 

As several respondents have pointed out, the missing word here is "alleged". 

Which leads me to another tweet:


  1. The sultry, but dumb, Emily's greater error is that she refers to it as a "trial" of Ford. It simply isn't. I'm no expert, but I believe it's a Senate Hearing. The BBC rather sadly for all it's billions and highly paid opinioneers seems not to want us to understand.

  2. It's quite remarkable watching the media and social progressives prostrate themselves like this. Utterly emabarrasing.
    I've never seen so many people commit to so much nonsense when the corroborative evidence isn't there.
    Even if the senate rejects Kavanaugh, Trump has Amy Coney Barrett in the bag for second pick.
    The Dems will have to destroy her too, at which point November's midterms are a slam dunk for the GOP because, believe it or not, most people can actually see what's going on and they don't like it. Ice cubes or not.
    Kathy Newman did quite a good interview with the 'creepy porn lawyer' last night. He wasn't expecting the ride he got and was visibly irked. He's done too. Good.

  3. Seems like the multi-billion pound BBC doesn't have the resources to stretch to covering this story:


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