Saturday 27 October 2018

Another beauty

Donald and Steph

Good grief! This was one of the main stories on the front page of the BBC News website last night and it's still one of the BBC's Top 4 news stories this morning (some twelve hours later):

So Donald Trump, the multi-millionaire with the model wife, called Steph McGovern orfa BBC Breakfast "so beautiful", and she says she replied, "Aye love, I've heard better lines down Club Bongo". 

And, my, how the  Have I Got News For You panel and audience larfed when she told them about her encounter with "creepy" Donald and her comeback line! 

Comments on Twitter haven't been going quite as well for Our Steph. Here's one of the kinder ones:
I think the BBC must be giving out vouchers to all the people who have a go at DT. One snide remark = a free meal, two snide remarks = a chance to be on another programme, three = regular employment.
I do like this passage from the BBC report though:
In the interview McGovern grilled Mr Trump about his status as a business tycoon, his previous bid for the US presidency in 2012, and whether his wealth made him happy.
If you watch it for yourselves, I don't think the word "grilled" will spring to mind! It was a lightweight interview. She even asked him about his hair!


  1. Got 'er, bang to rights! Good job the BBC keeps telling us the Corporation is impartial, isn't it?
    When McGovern was first appointed, somebody, Sue, I think, wondered if her strong regional accent might not be a step too far along the road to diversity. I thought it was last night when her lame joke about the anti-Brexit petition being delivered to No 10 by, "a car door" fell flat - what she actually meant was 'Ocado.'

  2. So we can take it that no pulchritudinous female reporter from the BBC ever had Bill Clinton come on strong to them?


    Thanks BBC for confirming that Bill Clinton is a model of saintly self-abnegation.

  3. Given the women that Trump has dated, wed as well as been around since Miss World was a fixture in Atlantic City etc, I doubt very much that he thought this platehead was a looker.
    As an eighties girl, I`m thinking Flock of Seagulls and Kirk Brandon.

  4. So now even a compliment, even if Cheesey but harmless and atempt at humour is deemed un-acceptable, even an offence - in the words of said BBC reportered story - CREEPY!!!

    Never mind all those awkward interviews & presentating over the years which involved innuendo with real physical contact by Jimmy Saville at the BBC.

    Funny how humour on the BBC is of a very distinct kind, anything that mocks what they see as the anti-narrative to their world view is just fine. I find that this attitude has translated to the wider public, at work I often find that if I praise in any way, anything that Trump has done, it is met with instant derision.

    TDS has now infected more people than many might imagine and it is all thanks to the relentless, biased and unhinged reporting from our beloved auntie.


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