Sunday 7 October 2018

Poor chap, he's very worried(!)

Andrew, with Claire Foy and Ryan Gosling 

Hmm. I think Andrew Marr was after something here, and wasn't above adding his own hints and opinions either:
Andrew Marr: Now I have to ask you both about one criticism of the film. Donald Trump, no less, has criticised the fact you don't actually see The Stars and Stripes going up on the moon as making the film anti-American. What can you say to him? Poor chap, he's very worried(!)
Ryan Gosling: Erm...I think that the conversation around this particular issue is happening almost entirely amongst people who haven't seen the film, and...
Andrew Marr: It's not as if you don't see The Stars and Stripes in the film. It's there a lot of the time.
Ryan Gosling: The flag is represented on the moon and throughout the film, and I think it's a very patriotic film, and I'm looking forward to the film coming out so that people can see it.

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