Tuesday 16 October 2018


Here was an exchange the other day on the Open Thread:

Craig, 14 October 2018
Talking of Anthony Zurcher, this tweet is typical Zurch:
If you watch the actual video you find that Trump was actually praising the head of the Union army General Ulysses S. Grant - a native of Ohio: 

Monkey Brains, 14 October 2018
Yes, that was a classic Zurcher attack! Truncate the text...link to something irrelevant...and hope for the best (ie the worst for Trump). Zurcher is the gnat biting the rhino's hide a thousand times a day. Annoying but the rhino is not brought down.

Well, there's an update to this now:

Shouldn't that have been "CORRECTION: Oooof", Anthony?


  1. Has someone told him to do a proper job instead of posting lazy random comments? Surely not!

    1. Many days he seems to do nothing but tweet. All these North American correspondents seem to have time aplenty to write books and autobiographies and pursue other ventures. There are so many of them that on average I'd say they only have to file a story once every two weeks.


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