Friday 17 May 2019

Dear Jeremy, thank you very much. Love, Hamas.

I know, I know, it’s the OMG Daily Mail, but I wonder if anyone else will pick up this story. BBC?

Palestinian terror group Hamas THANKS Jeremy Corbyn for his support: Militants ‘salute’ Labour leader online after he sent message to anti-Israel rally last weekend 

In a carefully worded statement issued this evening, the militant organisation, whose armed wing is responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians, ‘saluted’ the Labour leader after he sent a message to a major anti-Israel rally in London last weekend.

That 'rally' was an Israel-bashing hatefest, starring Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Ahed “From the River To The Sea” Tamimi.
Hamas' statement in full:
‘We have received with great respect and appreciation the solidarity message sent by the British Labor Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to the participants in the mass rally that took place in central London last Saturday in commemoration of the 71st anniversary of Nakba. 
'In his message, Mr. Jeremy Corbyn condemned the Israeli occupation forces' shooting at unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza who were calling for their rights to be recognized. He stressed that peace cannot be achieved with the continued illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories. 
'This message expresses support and solidarity with the Palestinian people and their inalienable rights to freedom, independence and self-determination. It also condemns the ongoing occupation and its crimes against our people, and reflects an advanced moral and political position worthy of all praise and thanks. 
'We also salute Mr. Jeremy Corbyn for his principled position in rejecting the so-called Trump Plan for the Middle East or the "Deal of the Century" if it was based on erasing Palestinian rights, primarily the right to an independent state. 
'On this occasion we emphasize that no peace plan can succeed at the expense of the rights of the Palestinian people, that the Palestinians will not allow this deal to pass, and that it will be doomed to failure. 
'We also call on the current British government to stop supporting the Israeli occupation state and to listen to the voice of wisdom and reason and adopt policies in support of the Palestinian legitimate rights that will lead to stability in this vitally important and highly turbulent region.'


  1. Anti-gay, anti-feminist, anti-Jewish, anti-British international terror organisation thanks Jeremy Corbyn for the support he has given in the UK. Reported in detail in a leading national newspaper...but...

    Not news on the BBC.

    Now Tha's What I Call Fake News!

  2. Corbyn knows that the core of his supporters don’t care and the BBC are playing the part of useful idiots by trying to change the subject.

  3. Given the BBC is one of the greater proponents of tarnish by association or unsolicited support, any silence of theirs around this can be put down only to that there unique editorial integrity they have.

    Currently staff are RTing other staff RTing a Welsh Beeboid acting as a Remain supporter asking carefully framed questions and not getting answers they can spin up into massive conspiracies, secure in the knowledge that Remain politicians are considered off limits on such matters, especially ex-staff. Eh, Gavin?

    1. Yes that "gotcha" moment about EU "grants" to Wales is about as gotcha as a player on the wing in rugby slipping through the muddy banana fingers of a particularly slow and dim-witted prop forward. And in any case since when has asking people detailed finance questions on the hoof been considered "fair play" by the BBC. The question is of course easily answered. There is no reason should not get more once we have left, properly, on a non-May deal. In fact if Boris has got any sense he will pledge to maintain an EU Replacement Grant system for the next 10 years to ensure no loss is suffered by the regions or devolved nations.

  4. Apparently George Soros has just given Vice Media $350 million in debt funding to keep it going...

    Made me wonder if he had anything to do with the Guardian's remarkable turn-round thanks to readers' donations...

    1. Sorry that was meant for open thread.


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