Monday 6 May 2019

It's a BOY!!!

Such exciting news about the “Royal Baby Boy”.

The BBC has shown an unwholesome interest in the fact that Meghan and Harry’s newborn child has presented itself themselves Xe’s self as a ‘boy’,  rather than a ‘girl’.

But surely it’s up to him/her/it/them/z ze, sie, hir, co, or ey to decide what gender they ey are? Wouldn’t it be more ‘woke’ to just wait a few months before jumping to conclusions?  Is that too much to ask?  
The BBC is transphobic now? Surely not.


  1. What exactly happened on tonight's Bank Holiday Monday evening News? Royal crawler Nicholas Witchell was reporting Live outside Buck House when he had yet another Live on air verbal seizure when forgetting his lines, he chose to abandon the entire report and hand back to the Newsreader Ben Brown. Although no explanation from Ben Brown what just happened.

    I recall Witchell having such a similar seizure when reporting from outside a Castle just after the Brexit vote. But as always there's no explanation for this curious Live tv behaviour.

    No doubt the clip will soon show up on social media.

    John..... N. London.

    1. Monkey Brains6 May 2019 at 23:42

      Yes I noticed that. Rohit Kachroo had a similar episode on live TV. Again, no explanations...

      These are supposed to be professionals.

    2. M.B, Yet another clip for my BBC cock up tape. An old phrase often used by Denis Norden. Although Nicholas Witchell has a long way to go to catch up with BBC newsreader Kate Silverton who is regularly to be heard messing up her news delivery.

      John. N. London.

    3. Monkey Brains7 May 2019 at 01:15

      The BBC doesn't make any allowance for football managers who make the wrong decision, sportsmen who miss open goals (though maybe sportswomen would be let off), politicians who make mistakes in speech or misremember things, business leaders who fail to spot negative trends,or anyone right of Ken Clarke who says anything even mildly offensive to someone somewhere with "protected characteristics"...

      Why should we make any allowance for their useless highly paid reporters who go into memory meltdown, forget basic facts, show an appalling absence of fundamental knowledge or misread the autocue.

      Maitlis is another one who makes lots of big errors. They tend to get overlooked as they are part of interviews where she's gabbling away and not delivered as official "news".


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