Thursday 2 May 2019

More on John Simpson

Fran, on reading John Simpson's Twitter feed?

BBC Head of News Fran Unsworth could hardly have been clearer in her (leaked) email to BBC journalists earlier this year, that BBC journalists need to keep their personal views private and that this also fully applies to their time spent on social media as much as it does to their 'regular' reporting. She also explicitly warned against imperilling the BBC 'reputation for impartiality' through one-sided retweets as people can take them for 'endorsements'...

...just as I take this retweet from the BBC's John Simpson as an 'endorsement' of what Bonnie Greer says here about immigration:

Will Mr. Simpson be getting a verbal warning from Ms. Unsworth? 


  1. Monkey Brains2 May 2019 at 15:07

    Well that's a lie and false claim from can easily stop immigration if you want to. Japan has had no mass immigration. China has had no mass immigration. South Korea has had no mass immigration. Singapore has had no mass immigration. Countries like Australia and Hungary have effectively brought mass immigration to a halt.

    Greer is just engaging in No Borders propaganda. One of the biggest tools in the propagandist's box is "It's going to happen anyway, so no point in fighting it, it's inevitable."

  2. I was just about to write something in the open thread about the retweeting of the Bonnie Greer tweet. Notice how she gives several reasons why people move, all of them worthy and /or even necessary for survival. Not a single mention of all the bad reasons, which are not hard to think of. Yet Simpson retweets it without comment. Clearly feels no need to point out the one-sidedness or to distance himself from it and the advocacy.

    Looking at the rest of her tweets is quite revealing.


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