Thursday 30 May 2019

More Rory

Our ongoing Rorywatch season has so far seen John Simpson singing the praises of "passionate Remainer" Conservative leadership candidate Rory Stewart and then John Sweeney and Danny Shaw adding their very warm words about him too. Now Rory has got The Big One: Gary Lineker: 

A retweet of Rory's response...

...prompted this comment from our old blogging companion DB:


  1. There's about to be Even More Rory as he's on Question Time tonight - so boring is he that I tend to switch off when he's talking. Along with ol' slithery or silvery according to preference - something about the voice and the person I have to mute him. Also Jo Swinson oh a Liddem who rattles on and does my head in - another one for the mute. That leaves an MEP I don't know and Steven Pinker. And grinning Bruce.

  2. I guess being brought up in Hong Kong might somewhat condition you to fear a huge, vindictive Empire a few miles across the water and wish to appease it, or perhaps kow-tow to it, might be a better term to use.

    From that point of view Rory has, for the average BBC low-wattage commentator, all the qualifications necessary to be PM.

    BTW isn't the opium reference a bit racist for a full on luvvy PCer like you, Gary. I mean - you're not suggesting he actually smokes the stuff I it must be one of those racial stereotypes that normally get BBC contributors cast into the outer darkness. I guess they'll make an exception in your case, Gary.

    1. Sorry Gary! Just saw the news item that he did smoke opium in was Rory himself indulging in the racial stereotypes...

      But this could explain his laidback style I guess. He certainly "nothing really matters" eyes.

    2. I'd been struggling for weeks to recall who little Rory reminds me of; and then the Sussexes named their firstborn: Yup, it's Archie Andrews. For non-boomers, Archie was a ventriloquist's dummy, voiced by Peter Brough. Brough was such a poor ventriloquist that his most successful performances were on radio - only in England...!

    3. The BBC is very keen to give air-time to people accusing Boris of telling lies on the side of a bus; they've been equally keen to forget Stewart's "little lapse," when he invented the statistic that 80% of the British public supported May's "deal" with the EU. Biased, the Beeb? Surely not!

    4. I see what you mean, Sis -

      And the ventriloquist bears a startling likeness to a young George Soros. :)

    5. Thanks for reminding me what Stewart said. I knew it was something dodgy but couldn't remember what.
      As for Johnson, some wag said he was charged with lying on the side of a bus. What was it - criminal damage?

  3. BBC's Joey da Bear (the in-house social media conspiracy theorist) has joined the fan club...

    I quite liked one of the comments below:

    "The BBC seems quite taken. What is it about ardent Remainer Rory that so appeals?"

  4. To the tune of Grandad:

    "Rory, Rory we love you...
    Even if your real name is Rod
    Rory, Rory we love you...
    Though normally a Tory's name is mud.

    Plebs allowed to vote, doesn't float our boat - frightening!
    A vote to Leave, hard to believe, a bolt of lightning!
    What are we to do?
    How do turn the screw?
    How to stay in the E-U?

    Rory, Rory, etc "


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