Sunday 5 May 2019

What *was* on

Further to my last TV Review; distressed by the unremitting bleakness of the ending of Follow the Money, I turned over to see the tail end of the film ‘Denial’, all about the Trial of David Irving V Deborah Lipstadt to cheer myself up.
In it, the brilliant lawyer Anthony Julius bore an uncanny resemblance to the priest in Fleabag. Turns out both roles were played by the same actor. (Andrew Scott.) I wish they wouldn’t do that. 

(I realise that there was a spell when Timothy Spall was in practically everything, but for some reason, it seems easier to suspend one’s disbelief where Timothy Spall is concerned.)

We’ve had such a surfeit of Adrian Dunbar that I couldn’t care less whether he’s ‘H’ or not. The BBC can’t help promoting its own programmes till you’re heartily sick of them. I’ll tune in tonight though, just to see Anna Maxwell Martin, acting.

For ages, whenever an immigrant looked like a possible suspect in a Scandi-noir, you could safely assume he was there as a red herring. Because immigrants can’t be baddies and you’ll look like a racist for even suspecting him. That rule has eased off a bit, and nowadays immigrants are almost as likely to be portrayed as criminals as respectable white indigenes. That’s progress.

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