Saturday 25 May 2019

Give Emily a cookie

Talking (as we were) of Emily Maitlis, Newsnight's new main presenter, here she is (h/t MB) in the Guardian simultaneously speaking her brains and signalling her virtue in a feature headlined The book that changed my mind:
Back to Black by Kehinde Andrews has made me reassess my view of reparations for slavery. I used to think the idea of compensation seemed bizarre, undeliverable and risked reinforcing victimhood. It has become a live issue in the US among democrats in the 2020 presidential race, and through Kehinde I’ve started thinking about it more dispassionately and with greater openness and curiosity. I actually felt the shift happening.
She was surely right first time.

Incidentally, I presume the small-case 'd' in 'democrats' there was a time-honoured Grauniad error rather than anything to do with Emily? 

Anyhow, seriously, how 'BBC' is that? Well done, Em. Go collect your cookie from the Cookie Monster!

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  1. The appetite for virtue signalling amongst the soggy left is insatiable. They positively want to be told that they are racist oppressors so that they can bask in their perceived moral superiority. Meanwhile principles that actually matter, like freedom of speech - in fact the foundation of liberal democracy is disposable. But apparently, according to Emily so is democracy itself.


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