Sunday 19 May 2019

Fine and Not Fine

A comment from MB first thing this morning...

Monkey Brains19 May 2019 at 01:19  
Horrific Fake News reporting from the BBC: 
Read that and weep after you look at the videos showing exactly who initiated the violence - this is just one: 
And note the BBC won't even admit to the existence of a group called the "Muslim Defence League". Just remember that when you hear the 1000th reference to TR being the founder of the EDL. Fake News BBC won't even admit to there being an MDL.  
And remember - if Baroness Warsi gets her way you will go to prison if you criticise the "Muslimness" on display in the video...intimidatory shouting of "Allahu Akbar" on the streets of a once peaceful Britain. As the video guy says "No one disses our religion"...that's pretty much what the Warsi Definition means.

...had me checking that very BBC report.

Compare it to even The Guardian and The Independent's reporting of the same story and you'll see the BBC failing to report vital but uncomfortable elements of the story that even the left-leaning papers evidently felt obliged to report - most obviously the heavy involvement of the group called the "Muslim Defence League", who the BBC didn't even mention. 

If even the Guardian and the Independent can report their name and their involvement why can't the BBC?

And the Guardian and the Independent are also honest enough to make it fairly clear that the anti-Tommy Robinson crowd were at least as bad, if not worse, on the violence front. The BBC article, in very stark contrast, clouds that in so much linguistic mystery that its readers might easily assume that the violence came mainly from TR's side. 

Indeed, the BBC article as a whole is worth using in a secondary school/university English language course to show how language can be deployed to appear neutral while being very far from neutral.

And here's the thing: Despite being fairer, both the Guardian and the Independent pieces are unashamedly biased against TR. As neither paper is required to be impartial, that's fine. But the BBC, which is required to be impartial, is even more loaded against TR - despite following forms of language that cover their bias in a thin veneer of 'impartiality'. And that's not fine. 


  1. Katie Hopkins has one (of several) videos of this event on her Twitter thingy.

  2. Re above:
    Belt and braces because sometimes those hyperlinks fail when I try to do them on this comments system.

  3. Yes, links often don't work which is why it is helpful to state what it is about. The twitter link was useful in this case.

  4. A few points I think that need to be considered:

    1. The Police actually accompanied the gang of masked thugs to the location of the election rally. This is tantamount to accompanying an arsonist carrying a bottle of petrol to the building he has declared he is going to set fire to.

    2. TR did not attempt to hold the rally in a Muslim majority area. That's why the MDL gang had to walk such a long way to the event - accompanied all the way by the Police.

    3. The Police allowed the thugs to get within missile-firing range of the TR event, even though they knew there were many families there with young children. That was clearly a Police decision that is indefensible.

    4. Once the potentially lethal brick and stone throwing started, the Police made no attempt to stop it immediately e.g. with a baton charge.

    5. Why were there no riot-equipped police available immediately to prevent this threat to life and property (which must have been known about for many minutes, probably hours before}?

    6. The Police showed a distinct lack of interest in evacuating children from the area.

    7. The MSM reporting has been appalling. The Independent sub-titled its headline with a joke about milkshakes not being used. Is that really what a national newspaper (albeit a largely unread online one) should be doing - joking about a thuggish attempt to close down a peaceful election campaign meeting that resulted in serious injuries.

  5. M.B. You said everything I was planning on saying having watched several youtubers online today. What the Manchester Police Force did at what was supposed to be a peaceful family local political campaign and speech by Tommy, was ruined by Muslim thugs (MDL gang) along with help from the Police.
    And just look at how the BBC and other MSM completely twisted the story.

    Is it not time for the BBC to remove that false statement on their home News online website that states...'Why you can trust the BBC.' Followed by the line "The BBC is seen by far the most trusted and impartial news provider in the U.K.
    Is the BBC living in cuckoo land. THEY ARE A NATIONAL DISGRACE!

    John....N. London.

    1. The BBC's lies will actually prove counter-productive for the BBC's mission in life.

      This could just be just about enough to get TR elected as an MEP I think.

      There were hundreds of people at the rally under threat from the MDL thugs. They will be speaking to all their friends and family about it. Then there are the hundreds of thousands in the area who will have seen this on social media and who will be comparing it with what, if anything, they have seen on the BBC or the Mainstream Media. The disparity between the truth of what happened and what is reported by the BBC and MSM will cause a huge amount of anger I think - and that will translate directly into votes for Tommy. The fact that the Brexit Party are so far ahead in the polls will also help him I think - as people will think the Brexit thing is done...they can afford to give Tommy their vote.

    2. At the BBC you will find that only those on the right wing can be thugs. Everyone else is a protester.


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