Thursday 2 May 2019

Roaring for Rory

I see that new Tory cabinet minister Rory Stewart has an admirer at the BBC:

Oh, and as John goes on to note, he was also "a passionate Remainer".


  1. Monkey Brains2 May 2019 at 15:02

    That's a very unflattering photo of Rory. Why couldn't you use his official portrait?

    By the way - you enlarge can that to a quite terrifying degree!

    1. You could always set it as your background screen? :)

      I've enlarged it on the blog itself now, as I'm sensing a strong public demand for that!

  2. Why "annoyingly good travel books?" Because Simpson sees him as a rival or because he doesn't think Tories should be good at that sort of thing?

    I find there's something scruffily unwholesome about him: he always looks as though he's borrowed somebody else's clothes & then spent the night sleeping in a hedge. But what I cannot forgive is the big lie: "80% of British voters support May's deal" - in my view, that makes him an unscrupulously ambitious little man.

  3. Frayed collar and hair too long for even a five-month military man!
    Wikipedia says he was a deputy governor, does John Simpson know better?
    Agree that his support for Mrs May's Withdrawal Agreement has destroyed all of his credibility with me.

  4. Monkey Brains3 May 2019 at 00:26

    Craig, you were ahead of the curve...he's now running for PM having been boosted by your profile piece and enlarged pic:


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