Saturday 25 May 2019

"There's so much destruction/All over the world/And all you can do is/Complain about me"

From the newly-retired open thread:

The BBC News website's report of that story began like this:

Poor Mozza really is out of favour at the BBC these days (not that he'll mind much I suspect).

Look at the language there: in summary, Morrissey "denies he is a racist" but has "previously expressed support for the far-right For Britain party".

(For Britain - for those who don't know - is Anne Marie Waters's party).

And later in the article the BBC informs us, "Morrissey, 60, has denied on multiple occasions he holds racist views." That's a lot of denial!

"You hiss and groan/And you constantly moan/But you don't ever go away/And that's because all you need is me./You roll your eyes/Up to the skies/Mock horrified/But you're still here/All you need is me"...

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  1. That can only be taken to mean that the BBC is stating that For Britain is a racist party, something For Britain denies vehemently - and given it includes people of different races, its denials are persuasive.

    The BBC has had to deny charges of racism countless times over the years. It used to deny the Black and White Minstrel Show was racist. Lenny Henry has often criticised its racism. It doesn't seem as keen on the Hijab as Channel 4 and as yet not a single presenter has ever appeared in a Burka, so that's pretty racist in itself. :)


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