Sunday 26 May 2019

Bias by labelling

Mark Mardell's profiles of several Conservative leadership contenders today were actually quite entertaining, but he can't help himself. When he came to Steve Baker, he characterised him as "the hardest of hardliners among declared candidates" and "the purist's candidate". And, yes, there's that word again - 'purist'


  1. I thought 'pure' and 'purist' was about finding a new word to replace 'hard' and 'extreme' and the 'extreme hard of hardest' or 'hardest of hard extreme' type of combination. He's not giving up just yet.

  2. Seems grading is the order of the day.

    Blackadder level now required.

    Hence expect 'pure as pure water filter through pure charcoal held by the pure hands of Nicky Morgan's water purifier delivery man'.

  3. 'Fundamentalist' anytime soon?

    If only Harold Wilson had 'compromised' back in 1975, after all we didn't know what sort of 'remain' we were voting for, (Maastricht, Lisbon).


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