Saturday 11 May 2019

Oddly to hymns by Wagner

...with A.C. Grayling, Gavin Esler and Carole Cadwalladr looking on...

Here's a box of frogs on Twitter. Enjoy!

Denis MacShane: What proper journalism into Farage? The man's portrait is the official BBC screen saver.
Andrew Adonis: BREAKING NEWS - BBC News bulletins will henceforth be known as ‘Farage Campaign Updates.’ Nigel is also presenting Songs of Praise this week, oddly to hymns by Wagner.
Marcus Chown: BBC makes urgent plea for Nigel Farage stunt doubles. "One Nigel Farage is not simply enough for all the appearances we are scheduling," says BBC spokesperson.
Peter Jukes: No one knows where this drift into right wing populism and demagoguery will end, but end it will one day. Then Britain will have to look to reform many of the institutions that failed us. And the BBC will be top of that list. 
George Foulkes: BBC cancel Have I got news for you because Heidi Allen who is not a candidate was due to be on but had Farage who is a candidate on Question Time. Can anyone stop this disgrace?
Marcus Chown: BBC announces Nigel Farage to front Spring Watch, The One Show. Match of the Day, Antiques Road Show and to be offered role of H in Line of Duty 6.
Alastair Campbell: Farage and John Mills on BBCQT together, as Marr books Farage for 3 days later. Now Heidi Allen dropped from a popular BBC satire show because of impartiality rules. There is something seriously sick going on inside the BBC and has been throughout Brexit process.

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  1. Whatever else you might say about Remainiac FBPE types you have to say they have no sense of humour. I mean, Alistair Campbell might raise a malevolent smile as he turned the wheel on the rack another notch, but that would be about it. Adonis, who I read is obsessed with railways, might crack a joke about the peculiar noise made by Locomotive 432 used in the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War. But that would be about it.

    If the Remainiacs could point to a single Beeboid consistently tweeting in favour of Leave, as opposed to the thousand tweeting consistently in favour of Remain, they might be on to something, although they would still have another 500 to go before they could claim bias. As it is, we all know that virtually all BBC staff are openly pro-Remain.

    As I have mentioned before, though, there is method in Adonis's madness, as it serves as cover for the BBC to be even more rabidly Remain in its coverage.


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