Friday 17 April 2020

Amnesty, the final straw

A lot of people I used to know supported A.I. I imagine they still do, out of habit, laziness and a lack of curiosity. It’s thoroughly discredited, and this is should be the final straw. I haven’t heard the BBC quoting from it recently, but no doubt that’s purely coincidental.


  1. The list of once worthy 'holding to account' organisations who have fallen into being sad partisan talking shops doing more harm than good is a long one.

    1. And too many of them have gone that way for it it be a coincidence

  2. It once was a respectable organisation supporting broadly respeotable causes. No longer.

    Liberty also is no longer a civil rights organisation, campaigning instead for jailing of people who express their (possibly unpleasant and reprehensible) opinions. I gather the leading American civil rights association has gone the same way.

  3. Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Liberty, War on Want, World Wildlife Fund, Oxfam, etc etc - all campaigning organisations that have gone astray as they grew and were taken over by a corporate money making (fund raising) clique of anti-capitalist, business hating, lefties who paid themselves big salaries while virtue signalling they want to help people save the planet. How much of the money raised actually goes to actually fix things rather than on salaries of employees? Not a lot!


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