Sunday 5 April 2020

Worrying times.

Coronavirus: PM admitted to hospital over virus symptoms.


  1. I've been worried for some time. Why? Because it is apparent that this is not just a killer of the oldnvulnerable, as has been put about. I noticed before we knew he had it, that Hancock was looking pale and pinched with a hunted look about him - exhaustion, I expect, from the ongoing state of crisis in government. Johnson wasn't looking great either.
    Strain and exhaustion are probably not helpful to the general robustness of health and the immune system. So it's no surprise they got it.
    But what's got to me is the realisation that there's no guarantee of recovery from it. Some do, some don't. It's the same for them as anyone, even with special access to hospital and treatment. So there's a risk yes, to the PM. That's what's been playing on my mind.

    1. In Italy 98% of victims are in the "elderly with other health conditions category". The average age of victims is 80.

      There certainly appears to be an issue with health staff being at risk, probably because of the extreme virus load that they will be subjected to. This underlines the importance of having the full PPE available and following strict procedures on hygiene. An Italian doctor on the news tonight said staff at his hospital were too casual at the start not realising how dangerous the virus could be to them.

      Leaving the health services staff to one side there is very little risk to people aged under 60 who are not suffering from a significant health condition. Children seem to be virtually immune to it - which is actually odd though good to know.

      Boris is being foolish in trying to carry on while he's clearly very ill with the virus. He needs to rest and recover. It will hurt his pride but it will help his country. It's the right thing to do. Make it a specified time - three weeks or whatever.

      I've put an ONS link to mortality figures on the Open Thread. This shows that mortality figures for the latest week reported (up to 20 March) were DOWN on the previous week and only slightly above a five year average. Covid-19 deaths are 1% of total deaths for the latest week. This will rise but it's not going to be like the Bubonic Plague. It's a novel Coronavirus which is challenging to our immune systems.


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