Sunday 18 December 2016

A joke

Have I Got News For You joke from this week's show, read by Gary Lineker, set Paul chuckling, Ian twisting his head and the studio audience howling with laughter:
Britain's ambassador to the EU, Sir Ivan Rogers, has announced that a Brexit deal could take 10 years. That's not fair. Most of the people who voted for it will be dead by then. 
Leave.EU weren't impressed though:


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  2. Sorry typo!
    The reaction of Hislop, the man, to the 'joke' is not entirely surprising - even the most abject of Quislings must suffer the occasional bout of self-loathing; Hislop, the Editor, might just have been wondering how many of his subscribers belong to the maligned age group!

    1. Hislop will be too busy counting his self-righteous indignation feathers to bother about that.

  3. Had a look at Private Eye during a shop in Tescos.
    When did it stop being funny and sharp?
    No insights, nothing that`d scare ANYONE in power.
    Only consolidates the powerful, shafts UKIP etc ceaselessly.
    Like Viz-time to bury it.

  4. Finally saw this episode. The Trump hate was delightful. I especially enjoyed Merton ominously suggest that Trump won't last the four years. Actually, Hislop - again showing ignorance on the US while opining from Mt. Self Righteous - said it was going to be an interesting five years, not four, and Merton responded to that.

    Merton's tone was dark indeed, and no way is that merely my inference. Either he thinks Trump will be impeached or forced out, or assassinated. It's going to be a tedious four years if these haughty clowns are going to be like this every week.

    Also, they did their first and last Hillary joke, and it was not nice. Still, after 8 years, not a single Obamessiah joke. In fact, the only joke at His expense anywhere on the BBC has been the two little sight gags in the opening animation sequence.


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