Saturday 31 December 2016

The Folies Farage

If ever a Twitter avatar told you everything you need to know about the bias of a particularly BBC programme then this is probably it:

That episode of 15 Minute Musical came not from The Folies Bergère but The Folies Farage. (Yes, that was the kind of joke you missed if you didn't listen to it).

The previous day's episode, Lady and the Trump, contained such quips as this (sung to of The Lady is a Tramp):
Hillary: "He don't like dark skins". Trump: "You got that right!"

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  1. Heard a bit it was dire. Shame because I think I heard a previous one that was actually quite amusing. The ballot paper should have had a warning:

    Caution: In some rare cases of populist revolt, voting Remain may affect your funny bone, leading to complete loss of one's sense of humour.


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