Saturday 24 December 2016

The festive spirit

Just to really get you into the Christmas spirit...

If you fancy watching a BBC presenter and a couple of her (pro-EU, rightwing-bashing) guests have a right good sneer at Nigel Farage, the right-wing press and British people who don't understand 'Europe' then please treat yourself to watching both of last night's editions of The Papers on the BBC News Channel. 

If you don't fancy watching it, please allow me to summarise then: Silly Nigel Farage! Silly Brits just don't understand how Europe works! OMG the Daily Mail! OMG the Daily Telegraph! OMG the Sun!


  1. All comments superfluous - one glimpse of the bovine Martine tells us all we need to know about where she, and, usually, all of her guests are coming from!

  2. Bovine is a bit unfair to the otherwise hard working bovine community, diligently munching their grass and their feed all day long. Vacuous seems fairer. There really isn't anything going on in there at all. Many BBC types you can see they know they are lying - their body language gives it all away - she has absolutely no self-awareness at all.

    And yes I did see the offending paper review. It was truly horrible, down to the bloke with the gnashers laughing merrily about batteries being placed in children's chocolates while the other one actually said something really offensive about the risk.


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