Saturday 24 December 2016

The oracle speaks (well, tweets)...

Talking of opinionated BBC reporters, here are BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen's latest tweets, expressing exactly the kind of views I'd expect from him (despite him being 'impartial' and all that):


  1. Obama vetoed something similar in 2011. He needed Jewish money and support for NY and CA Dems back then. He doesn't need them now. So his true colors show. Any Jew living in the Jewish Quarter is now in violation of this UN resolution, and can be considered a criminal. Jeremy Bowen wishes he had done it sooner. The Mideast might look different now because Israel wouldn't exist. Which is what Bowen wants.

    Every BBC report claiming that Obama is a friend to Israel is a lie. Fake News.

  2. I think also that Obama decided to use vote as a parting "present" forTrump. I.e. leave him more mess to clear up.

    Sure enough the Beeb are straightaway right on message saying that Trump will take a different approach ... i.e. he will take the approach of all previous US administrations.


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