Saturday 10 December 2016

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While we've been a bit fallow recently (sorry again), The Conservative Woman has been highly fruitful, including several interesting pieces about BBC bias.

First up comes: 
David KeighleyComplaints unit makes no apology for pinning Harlow killing on Brexit 
This details the BBC's inflammatory reporting of the murder of a Polish man in late August. The BBC made much of claims that the killing was a Brexit-related hate crime. A boy has recently been charged for the killing and, importantly, the race hate charge in connection with the death is not being pursued. The BBC website article updating the story failed to mention that last point. Also, David's complaint to the BBC about that reporting got nowhere - other than receiving a misspelt and off-hand response from the BBC. 'Will the new ex-BBC-heavy Ofcom board be any better?', David wonders.

Then there's a piece on the BBC's transgender agenda:
Caroline FarrowThe insanity of the BBC promoting Paris Lees as a sex expert 
and a funny piece from Nick Booth: 
Nick BoothThe BBC throws a Christmas Party. Despite Brexit 
Laura Bicker. Probably not a conservative woman.

And then (today) it's back to David for a piece based on Thursday's Today, where Donald Trump's appointment of Scott Pruitt as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency doesn't sound as if it went down at all well with the BBC:
David KeighleyBBC abandons impartiality over Trump’s assault on climate change zealots
Listening to the bit with the BBC's Laura Bicker (beginning around 6.39), I can well see what David means. Laura, as he says, does the classic 'one degree of separation' thing - "There have been a number of people who say this is a terrible choice", "He is a climate change denier", "He is a friend and ally of many (sic) fossil fuel industry", "Perhaps this is seen as a sign that Donald Trump, who was once a climate change denier himself, has not changed his spots". His backers, according to Laura, are "right-wing conservatives", "right-wing activists", "conservatives". It's "a real joy" for them. 

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