Saturday 10 December 2016

Is ‘Is the BBC Biased?’ superfluous yet?

I’ve mentally flagged up a few topics to blog, mainly gleaned from other blogs rather than from the BBC for the simple reason that the BBC has barely reported them.

The first is Naz Shah, who has been on our screens news recently, in particular starring in Channel 5’s little tribute to Jo Cox - a day in the life of three MPs. “Behind Closed Doors”. 

Incidentally I was describing this programme to someone who hadn’t seen it, and I clearly remembered Jacob Rees Mogg dealing with a hostile Bremoaner who sat herself down in his surgery to stare daggers at him because, post Brexit, she and her daughters would no longer enjoy the right to freely travel to and fro, and to work in Europe should they so wish. 
I also remembered Naz Shah dealing with various difficulties experienced by some of her constituents - but for the life of me the third participant eluded me. I had to consult the notes. It was, of course, Nick Clegg. I can’t quite remember what problems he tackled - must look it up sometime.

In view of Naz Shah's alleged enlightenment about (her own) antisemintism, the BBC’s lack of interest and complete lack of curiosity about Naz Shah’s questionable decision to attend an event with known antisemites was disappointing. After all, it was featured online, quite prominently. 

The BBC reported Jeremy Corbyn’s speech being disrupted by Peter Tatchell but they didn’t report Jeremy Corbyn attending a ‘book-reading’ event with a renowned anti-Zionist activist and author, Hatem Bazian. The pair look remarkably friendly here. 

If Naz Shah and Jeremy Corbyn continually claim that they are not antisemitic, what is their explanation for hanging out with and obviously enjoying the company of those that are?
You’d think it might occur to someone at the BBC to at least ask the question. After all the BBC spends so much air time speculating on the motives and misdemeanours of other politicians, it seems odd of the BBC not to at least seek Laura Kuenssberg’s opinion on the matter.

On the next topic the BBC fared better. Geert Wilders’s conviction (without punishment) by Dutch courts, for incitement. His crime was to ask the Dutch whether they want “fewer Moroccans” and then promise to ‘deal’ with it. 
The BBC did publish this news, and, what’s more,  included the video of part of Wilders’s response, and I must say I hadn’t really expected them to bother.

I was just saying to Craig that there’s so much anti-BBC feeling everywhere you look, particularly online, that this blog will soon be as otiose as UKip.


  1. I wouldn't shut down just yet! lol Lot of fight left in the old Behemoth...

    I was thinking of putting up a listicle of favourite BBC narratives of 2016...

    Here are some suggestions:

    1. All experts are agreed that Leaving the EU would be a disaster for the UK. [Not so sure now, are they?]

    2. President Obama's intervention in the EU referendum campaign was broadly welcomed by the British people. [Boy did they get that one wrong. But then this is the BBC that had a "representative" panel of "Ordinary Voters" on Newsnight who were 90% in favour of remaining!!!]

    3. The FTSE 250 is now a more interesting measure of economic performance than the FTSE 100. [They kept that up for about 2 weeks and then gave up.]

    4. Trump is a clown with no policies. [Now he is a clown with policies, but dangerous ones, according to the BBC - but they kept up the Fake News lie that Trump had no policies for a good six months.]

    5. There is virtually nothing of interest in the Wikileak e mails. [That one's still going.]

    6. Corbyn is an incompetent leader who is going to be replaced by a sensible soggy leftist...we don't care who really. [Gone a bit quiet but they will still be hoping to revive that narrative...step forward Sir Keir Starmer.]

    7. The alt right covers everyone from the real alt right (aka Nazis) through to Jacob Rees-Mogg. [They are trying variations on this theme, latest being that "populism is just another name for fascism".]

    OK, getting boring now, thinking back over all their Fake News narratives.

    1. Naz Shah did state that she had made anti-semitic remarks - namely that Israel be relocated to the US.
      Its the usual double standards - Ben Carson wanted Palestine relocated to Egypt but was not suspended from anything or forced to recant. Indeed he's in Trump's government,
      Trump's Israel ambassador wants Palestine wiped off the map yet that means merely that he has a "hardline approach to the conflict" and "an opponent of the two state solution"- he's not an antisemite of course of guilty of any other ism.
      ditto Danny Danon
      ditto Naftali Bennett
      these double standards are the root cause of the conflict

  2. Intelligent monitoring of the BBC's extreme bias is more important than ever. Don't stop.

    Another thing the BBC didn't mention about Tatchell's little disruption of Corbyn's speech was about what happened afterwards. An anti-Semite used the same tactic on him when he was talking to the press. I say it was an anti-Semite because he ranted at Tatchell about the Syria conflict being manufactured in order to provide cover for some mining operation in the Golan Heights by a company owned by Murdoch and the Rothschilds. It's always the Jews with Corbyn supporters. Curiously, the BBC doesn't mention it. Even if they show the video, they will not spend time discussing the anti-Semitism of Tatchell's critic.

  3. I'll merely suggest a revised blog tittle "The BBC is biased"

    Don't stop this is one of my favourite "Alt-Right Fake News" websites for informed opinions. ;-)

  4. Ps I think my awakening has been similar to yours - it was originally occasionaly biased and I could watch the BBC but now? It's gone full bore!!

    The lazy Susan has brought Orgreave back around. Would the disadvantaged miners who's rights the BBC champion vote for Corbyn? No! Was coal-mining ever the solution to a green low carbon future? No! Would these disadvantaged miners have voted to Remain? No! Is the reason for repeated publicity about Orgreave a policy by the BBC of Thatcher-bashing? Yes!


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