Saturday 3 December 2016

Open thread

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. (Events, dear boy, events!) This may continue for a few more days. In the meantime...


  1. I do wonder if that screen would now be acceptable by the BBC. Its not very PC is it? Lol

  2. Andrew Marr's interviw with Sir Keir Starmer was a party political broadcast for the Labour party. It was all set up with soft, leading springboard questions for Starmer to explain how Labour was best placed to speak to the whole population, and heal the nation. Apparently the Tories and UKIP want to speak only to a subset of the 52% who voted to Leave, and the LibDems want to speak only to the 48% who voted to Remain, whilst Labour, having MPs in both camps, was set to be the unifying party.

    No challenge whatsoever from Marr (e.g. "If Labour is poised to heal the nation, why is nobody voting for you, and why does the public not trust you on anything?), just softball after softball.

  3. A BBC Dictionary

    Balanced & Impartial:
    Meaningless Buzzwords.

    Weird religious extremists' who don't believe in gay marriage.

    Complaints from Both Sides:
    As we receive complaints from both sides on many issues we take it that our coverage is largely "about right", (and who would not equate 2 complaints from the Barking Mad Marxist Workers Party with 200 Conservatives?).

    Controversial (policy):
    We think this is a bollocks idea.

    What everybody at the BBC thinks.

    This refers to diversity of race, religion or sexuality. It emphatically does not mean diversity of opinion.

    See 'Tory'

    Hard Brexit:
    Leaving the EU, the economy tanks, everybody is made redundant, packs of right wing thugs hunt immigrates on the streets, world war three occurs.

    Hate Crime:
    Since the police have now expanded hate crime to include everything from 'he looked at me funny' to answering the question; 'does my bum look big in this?' with a yes, the number of instances have increased from 0.0056% of all crime to 0.0083% of all crime. As this has coincided with Brexit we will mention it 100% of the time.

    Iraq War:
    The primary source of all evil in the middle east.
    See also 'Israel'.

    The religion of peace.

    Islamist Extremist:
    Nothing to see here, move along...

    The secondary source of all evil in the middle east.
    See Also 'Iraq War'.

    Dependent on political persuasion
    Left Wing Jewish critic of Israel:
    A religious minority deserving of our support who is to be supplied a soapbox to criticise Israel at any time they wish.
    Right wing Jewish supporter of Israel:
    See 'Zionist'

    See 'Tory'

    Official Opposition:
    That would be us.

    A politician who says things people actually agree with. As the people voted for Brexit and Trump, any such politician should be treated with the utmost contempt.

    See Tory

    Fake News:
    Typically rightwing websites peddling made up stories. Ignoring hundreds of children being raped in Rotherham, dismissing the ‘Trojan horse’ scandal in Birmingham as a conspiracy and describing 30 something year old men as "Child Migrants" does not constitute "fake news".

    Alt Right:
    A term we use to dismiss any news outlet that does not follow our editorial line.

    Right Wing Think Tank:
    A think tank we disagree with. Anything said by this group of xenophobic racists can be ridiculed or ignored.

    Respected Think Tank:
    A think tank we agree with.

    Soft Brexit:
    Not actually leaving the EU

    Some people say:
    (Alternative Form: Others Say)
    We don't have anybody to quote this but it's what we all think.


    Vox Pop:
    (popular opinion as represented by informal comments from members of the public)
    Either an intelligent, well educated & articulate man off the street to put a point of view we agree with.
    A pissed-stained skinhead nut-job to put a point of view we disagree with.

    See 'Tory'

    Rabid Jewish fanatics who believe in the right of Israel to exist.


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