Tuesday 20 December 2016

Welcome to Germany

I don’t know if Jenny Hill was aware of it, but I detected an ominous black cloud over Jenny Hill’s report from Berlin this morning. 

Why, it seems like only yesterday when she was reporting the latest arrival of migrants at Munich station, and (somewhat inappropriately) chiming in with the greeting: “Welcome to Germany. ”


  1. She's like a hideously White Di Abbott, only without the quick wit and self deprecation.

  2. Nice! I think there might be another difference, but we'd have to drag one of them to the public weighbridge to be sure!

  3. Good clip Sue but in my recollection we saw some young "refugee" males treating the proffered gifts with utter disdain. Think that was a rather truncated version. :)

    Suffice to say that the BBC's Jenny Hill is probably one of the worst Fake News purveyors of the last 3 years. I mean even worse than Mark Easton. That's how seriously I mean it.

    1. Yes, on tonight's 6pm News, she found only one elderly couple to interview - they were both happy with Merkel ' s open-door immigration policy - apparently the Chancellor is a humanitarian. How hard would Ms Hill have had to try to find Berliners who did not share that view?

  4. Fraulein Hill must feel very, very ill when she can see that Trump was right and Merkel wrong. Her New Year Resolution must be to produce more Fake News for the BBC showing what a wonderful success the importation of over a million - mostly dodgy male - migrants into central Europe was. I know she can rise to the challenge.


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