Saturday 24 December 2016

Miracle on 'Dateline London' Street

Regular readers of our little blog will know that I've been closely monitoring the BBC News Channel/BBC World's flagship Dateline London for donkey's years and have complained, again and again, about the programme's heavy left-liberal bias. 

Many has been the episode - and I do mean 'many' - when all the voices have been from the political Left. 

And when that hasn't happened (and they've often been completely absent), right-wing voices have usually been relegated to being the harassed outsider in the discussion.

Few BBC programmes have been so consistently and relentlessly biased leftwards.

The one thing I've never encountered in over 300 or so episodes is a programme where the panel has excluded the liberal-Left and consisted wholly of people from across the political Right - and I've come, from long experience, to believe that such a thing would/could never happen on Dateline London.

Today, however, it finally happened. The panel consisted of Janet Daley, Alexander Nekrassov, Thomas Kielinger and Mina al-Oraibi. 

And (happily) they often strongly disagreed, being highly varied in their differing (right-wing/right-liberal) outlooks. 

It's a Christmas miracle beyond that in Miracle on 34th Street. I feel like young Susan today. I believe in Father Christmas. Clarence will get his wings tonight. God bless us, everyone!

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  1. Maybe they were aware of your work Craig and fearfully decided to ensure they had one at least to put up against a bias which case well done - it's reigning in their arrogance at least a little.


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