Saturday 31 December 2016

Same old same old same old

Similarly, this morning's Farming Today This Week was another Brexit-focused look-ahead to 2017. 

Previous Brexit-based panel discussions on Farming Today, post-referendum, have been striking in their lack of balance. One soon after the referendum had 4/4 guests who had been pro-Remain in the referendum. Another one in October had 3/3 guests who had been pro-Remain. This edition had 2/3 guests who had been pro-Remain and 1/3 who didn't take a position at the time but was, from her contributions, clearly like-minded. On the 'hard' v 'soft' Brexit question all three of today's guests wanted a 'soft' Brexit. 

And on it goes.

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  1. What is a soft Brexit in this case? Staying in the CAP? What a load of tosh.


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