Sunday 4 June 2017


Another day, another horror. 

This is the remarkable testimony of a very brave eyewitness called Gerard, interviewed on the BBC Channel soon after the attack:
Eyewitness: So I walk up to London Bridge, go past the NatWest Bank, come up near the train bridge. Next minute I saw a geezer on the floor going "I've been stabbed. I've been stabbed." So I looked at him. I saw blood all down him. His mate come past, "Someone's stabbed my mate. Someone's stabbed my mate". The next minute I saw these three Muslim guys run up with knives. They ran up and started stabbing this girl, three of them. I was defenceless. I couldn't do nothing, mate. They attacked her, and then they stabbed another guy I think - if I remember rightly. I was a bit shocked. Then started to run up the road. I started going, "Everybody run! They're terrorists, terrorists. Run, run! They are stabbing everyone". So I followed them, went down towards the NatWest Bank, towards Borough Market. And then we got round there, they started running up to the tavern. They stabbed the bouncer. They were stabbing. They were running in all the pubs, all the bars, I can remember all of them. They ran in. They were stabbing everyone. I was going to people, "Run, run, run!". I started throwing bottles at them, pint glasses, stools, chairs. I tried to help as many people as I could but at the end of the day I was defenceless, mate. If I had fell over then they probably would have killed me.  
Reporter: When you say they were stabbing everyone, what did you actually see them do?   
Eyewitness: They were running up going, "This is for Allah!" When I first see them, "This is for Allah!", and they run up and they stabbed this girl I don't know how many times, maybe ten times or 15 times. She was going, "Help me, help me!" and I could not do nothing. I tried to help her. I threw something. There was a bike on the floor. I try to pick up the chair but it was locked to it to throw it ah them, just to get them away from her. I could not do nothing. And when you look at the CCTV you will see me on the CCTV at Borough Market chasing them and throwing bottles at them and glasses. It's a silly thing to do but I was just trying to save people's lives.   
Reporter: Did they actually try and attack you?   
Eyewitness: Yeah, they tried to stab me when I threw the chair at them.  
Reporter: Do you have injuries?  
Eyewitness: No. I threw something at them, like a stool, a chair, and as I threw it at them and hit maybe one, maybe two of them on the head, hit them like that on the back, and then they run towards me to try to stab me so I run away because if I slipped over I would be dead now. I would be dead. I would have been killed there and then. 
One immediate crumb of comfort: The police arrived and shot dead all three of the killers within eight minutes. (Thank goodness for a strong, government-approved 'shoot-to-kill' policy). 

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  1. One thing the MSM are not addressing is the appalling inability of the Police to communicate effectively with the public in these attacks. The three murdering Jihadis were all shot within 8 minutes. But there was complete mayhem and terror in the area for another three hours thanks to the Police's lack of communication.

    Families were being forced out of hotels and into what looked like a battle scene. No doubt there were good reasons why but the lack of communication just helps spread terror.

    BBC and Sky were pretty pathetic at putting together their reports. There were thousands of people streaming out of the area but we didn't get anything like a clear picture of what was going on until about 3 hours later. These are billion pound organisations.

    I think we need a Police spokesperson to come on TV and speak calmly and authoritatively in such cases. They don't need to do so in front of the media. They can just post the information briefings on You Tube or whatever. They need to give relevant information e.g. three suspects not enter the area between blah and blah.

    We also need a Civil Defence organisation which can in these cases offer support and guidance in these circumstances. A CDO could direct people to safe zones, in liaison with Police. It could appear on the scene with say buses, and refreshment facilities. In fact the situation is such now that the Police need to identify potential safe zones for displaced civilians to gather in e.g. football stadia which could be guarded by Police anti-terror contingents. The CDO could incorporate organisations like St Johns Ambulance, WRVS, and other voluntary organisations.

    It's not good enough for the Police to be tweeting "There is an incident at London Bridge" for a couple of hours and more before admitting it's a terrorist incident.


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