Tuesday 20 June 2017

Good Morning Tommy

I’ve never watched ITV in the morning before, but I have seen Piers Morgan on other programmes and I’m aware of his reputation so I sort of know what he’s like. I remember seeing Susanna Reid quite a while ago, hosting one of the BBC’s Sunday Morning shows. They're both assholes in their own way, but controversialist Piers Morgan has his uses and Susanna  probably has nice legs, so I can understand why ITV employs them in the dog eat dog scramble for ratings and advertising revenue.

A member of this household alerted me to it. I hope it will be on YouTube soon. In the meantime, the tabloids have picked it up, and so has the Telegraph. Twitter is ablaze. (link temporarily unavailable)

And now, it IS on YouTube. Enjoy.

"Was lost, but now is found"


  1. He was completely set up there, but it didn't work out quite as they'd planned :)

  2. They really thought they had him didn't they.
    The pre-production meeting must have been something to behold as they high-fived past the croissants armed with their bit of footage from 2011 and media diplomas in 'berating and obfuscation'.
    Reid proving herself to be a cretin on no less than three occasions.
    Morgan interviewing himself. Again.
    I just hope waving the Koran around doesn't seal the deal for Robinson. As Murray noted a while ago in Denmark, he finds himself appearing closer to the top of the list at speaking engagements because those who used to appear higher on the bill are either dead or in hiding.

  3. This takes Craig's interruption quotient up to a whole new level. I don't think Tommy was allowed to complete a single sentence before being shouted down - or shrieked at by the apparently ill-informed duo. Remember, it's all about the questions - in Piers Morgan's world answers are not important. Who needs a guest anyway.

  4. Morgan was talking tommy-rot.

    Which part of Sharia law does Morgan like? I wish he'd tell us since he's not an Islamophobe.

  5. Oh look! ITV have blocked the video on copyright grounds.
    Not because they had two presenters that made utter turkeys of themselves for 10 minutes then ?
    To be honest, if I was ITV I'd have blocked it too. Robinson waving the Koran about could be enough to start conflict, which proves his point to an extent.
    The broadcasters just can't seem to complete the circle of logical thought that would lead them to start asking why they are so terrified.


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