Sunday 4 June 2017

On Twitter

The US President tweets:

The US Embassy in London appears to veer sharply off-message some hours later:

A senior BBC reporter then takes sides in support of Sadiq Khan's leadership of London:

BBC impartiality in action?


  1. Sadiq Khan? - is that the same Sadiq Khan who campaigned* for years in support of Babar Ahmad, the man who was subsequently extradited to the USA and then pleaded guilty to having committed terrorism related offences?

    Yes it is! What a looking glass world we are living in!!

    * He campaigned. Only now he likes us to believe the man was his legal client - not true.

  2. Not sure that I would agree with Rory Cellan-Jones. What else can a Mayor say but repeat themselves, just the wording is re-arranged.
    But it's interesting that the rise of twitter and social media now informs us of BBC reporters political allegiances.

    Craig, I wonder if you caught BBC's 'Points of View' this afternoon. They did a report on BBC News bias with several complaints about the Corporations biased News coverage.
    And when Jeremy Vine cornered Chief BBC Editor of News Paul Royall asking "Is being unbiased just a destination you never quite reach" Mr Royall had the audacity to reply saying "Well I'm surprised and reject that the news is biased. We are committed to impartiality. It's not our job to demonstrate or show bias. And we are pretty successful at showing that."

    Unbelievable isn't it!

    John - London.

  3. Credit to ITV News, giving due prominence to "This is for Allah".

  4. Please ITBB, start up a new thread on this...this needs to be exposed.

    CNN organising a fake Muslim anti-terrorist demo...the Police joined in allowing them behind police lines which no one else could cross.

    Apparently, according to Katy Hopkins, BBC have been promoting this as a genuine demo!

    Fake News Central is hard at work!

    BTW, the empowered female Muslims appeared to be shepherded, cajoled and generally watched over by a Muslim male who kept out of shot.

    Aren't our Fake News purveyors absolutely disgusting?

    1. MOre on that:

  5. Clear bias, but will be excused in the heat of the moment.


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