Thursday 8 June 2017

Open Thread

Biased trees, Morecambe Bay

Unless it gets blown away, here's an open thread for any observations you might have about BBC bias...


  1. What a terrible error the Conservatives made in selecting May over Boris. Seeing him finally allowed to campaign was a breath of fresh air. Whatever his failings, he gladdens the heart and oxygenates our lungs...whereas Morose May is a mood-hoovering fun-sucker. Had he been leading the campaign rather the Conservatives would be ten points ahead in all polls.

    I still think May will win, but it will hardly have been worth all the effort and she will be fatally wounded. She is now fixed in the public mind as this vacillating, unncommunicative, awkward neurotic who cannot lead.

    1. Boris bottled it all on his own. He has only his own fecklessness to blame. They could have picked Gove instead, but Cameron had moved the party too far to the Left already, plus all that ugly personal animosity.

  2. You may well be right, though I have my doubts on just how healthy a Tory majority of 150+ which seemed likely at one stage would have been anyway.

    A solid majority of 50-75 would do nicely. Very workable, but any dissenting/moderating voices on the backbenches can't be completely closed down should anything completely outlandish make its way towards the statute book.

    The one benefit of a larger Tory majority is that it may have hastened the demise of Corbyn, or the forming of an alternative centre-left party to reintroduce some much needed sensible balance back to our politics. Whatever happens now, it looks like Corbyn will stay, and that he and his Marxist cabal will be strengthened by a campaign where so many appear to have been duped by the credibility of their promise of almost everything to almost everyone.

    Back on to BBC bias however, and admittedly I didn't hear the whole programme, so perhaps missed the 'balance', but listening to 5Live this morning eating my breakfast, and on the way to work, amongst the many contributing public voices, I didn't hear a single voice which wasn't anti-Tory and anti-Brexit.

    The one voice that strayed from the left-liberal multi-culti la-la-land mindset of the BBC oafs was a North Yorkshireman who clearly got the nod from the researchers on account of him being ant-Tory in a traditional Tory stronghold.

    Unfortunately for the BBC, after expressing his disdain for the Conservatives, he then went on to express some extremely strong opinions (way beyond anything I'd condone) regarding deportation and other fairly draconian measures in response to the hideous recent terror attacks.

    A sharp intake of breath from Nicky Campbell, and he was immediately ushered off the airwaves before he'd had chance to finish and complete his thoughts.

    As I say, it may have just been an accident of the timing of my listening, but if not, this was the most remarkable and blatant skewing of public opinion, even by the BBC's very high standards in that area.


  3. Not directly about BBC bias as above, but very much chimes with my view that in giving considerable air-time to the more extreme members of the Islamist community, the BBC has effectively undermined those from within that community who genuinely want to live in peace with the rest of society. The source is surprising to say the least.

    1. If nothing else, by giving people like Choudray and Mo Ansar and that angry white woman convert so much air time, as well as the attempts to portray the full body bag and veil as 'empowering personal choice', the BBC certainly gave everyone else the impression that most Muslims don't want to live in peace and do want Sharia and are eternal victims of racism.

      Part of it is what we know from Beeboids who used to engage at B-BBC, that they believe that was the way forward for Social Cohesion: telling everyone else they're a racist for being worried. Another factor is that so many at the BBC agree with the notion that only US/Western foreign policy caused any of the problems.

    2. I read that opinion piece yesterday. I think Malik was being
      disingenuous in that instead of taking advantage of her prominence as
      a pundit in the Guardian to promote any moderate or reforming muslim
      voice, she chose to berate the media for pointing out that people such
      as Choudary exist. Chowdary was and is supported by some in the muslim
      community either directly or passively.
      The evidence is that he was, and will be on release, tolerated and
      respected within his community.

      There are many muslim reformers and apostates, but they are under
      constant and real threat from the political power base within the
      religion and not given prominent voice for fear of offence to what can
      only be considered the majority.

      If people like Malik give further voice to the ilk of Chowdary by
      berating the media for highlighting his existence, she's not really
      helping is she. Not covering what is real is not a solution.

      Malik's commentary page was not open for comment.

  4. Here is a concrete example of BBC bias which I think is important. Yesterday (7th June) the PM radio programme started with a comparison of the taxation proposals of the political parties. Labour's Garden Tax, the plan to replace Council Tax with a land tax, was (if I heard correctly) totally omitted. I emailed the programme early, to give them a chance to put it right, but they ignored my email. This is important because, if implemented, the tax will cause a slump in the price of houses with gardens, the enforced sale of houses with large gardens, and the bancruptcy of many farmers. The BBC of course realised that the proposal is dynamite and could have lost Labour the election, so ignored it. Why do we tolerate this dreadful organisation?

  5. You're right, but, more to the point, why did Cameron & Co not do something about the BBC when they had the chance? Answer: he & the rest of the centre-left cared about having the good opinion of the Beeb & the rest of the PC brigade - hence the frantic virtue-signalling, eg the squandering of billions of our money on aid for India which doesn't need it & Pakistan which doesn't deserve it.

  6. His Master's Voice - the Beeb's Paul Adams doing a Bowen at Bowen's bidding?
    Don't forget that Adams's father was Michael Adams, a Grauniad Israel-basher who became the foundation director of CAABU.


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