Sunday 4 June 2017

Carrying on

To carry on as normal or not to carry on as normal?

The BBC has chosen not to carry on as normal. The Sunday Politics has been cancelled and The Andrew Marr Show was incorporated into the BBC's rolling news coverage.

Some people, in contrast, have been carrying on as normal - if by 'carrying on' you also mean throwing extraordinary levels of bile and barmy accusations around. The editor of the Andrew Marr Show's editor, Rob Burley, has been fielding many of those brickbats this morning. 

As I've said before, Rob Burley is a rare exemplary figure at the BBC when it comes to fully engaging with licence fee payers on Twitter. He's a credit to them. 

He sent out the following explanatory tweets earlier:
1) We are not on air today as the Marr show because people will want to be update on the latest on these terrible murders.
2) We are, however, still conducting interviews in the 9-10 between Andrew and David Davis and a Labour guest TBC.
3) National Campaigning has been suspended. So party politics - our main focus - is less important than news coverage of very recent events.
He's received some truly extraordinary responses, some so vitriolic that he later had to tweet:
I know not everyone agrees with decision to merge #marr with BBC news programme but please consider how angry it should really make you.
Quite. There are much more important things to be angry about today.


  1. It certainly is a carry on - but without the laughs. A kind of mix of Carry On Sergeant and Carry on up the Khyber presided over by the unsmiling Vicar's daughter. They should have put Boris in. He would have at least given these wretched Jihaids a Winstonian verbal lashing instead of serving up globalist platitudes.

    1. Watched events unfolding last night & went to bed in the early hours knowing there would be precious little to laugh about this morning. Andrew Marr's interview with David Davies did, at least produce one wry smile though: Marr wanted to know if suspending campaigning might not be a mistake when important issues such as Brexit had not been 'adequately discussed' - where has he been for the last two years?
      One News Channel reporter clearly attempting to spin events: voters might feel the government's competence in security matters was called into question. I suppose the potential competence of Corbyn, who has voted against every piece of anti - terrorist legislation, is not...


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