Friday 9 June 2017

Mazel Tov to Jeremy Corbyn

I can’t get LBC. Well, I could, but I never bother to tune in. You wouldn’t hear this on the BBC, but if you want to hear  9 entertaining minutes of pure joy click here. (And, “you know what?” for once I even don’t mind those.)

“I have to say to Jeremy Corbyn, absolute Mazel Tov to Jeremy Corbyn - he’s done an amazing job. You lied your backside off beyond belief.
“You promised sweets for everybody, you promised sweets for the doctors, you promised sweets for the policemen, you promised sweets for the railway workers, you promised sweets for the nurses - you promised sweets for the whole world.”

He went on: “I knew it was all spin, they even stuck a rose on Jeremy Corbyn’s lapel in the past few days to make it look like New Labour.
“They kept Momentum quiet, which is a militant organisation, I always voted for New Labour, I always voted for Tony Blair, I couldn’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn. 

“I knew it was spin - but what did Theresa May do? I tell you what she done, she said to the electorate: ‘I’ve got such a lead, I can say what I want and I can do what I want’. 

“And what did she do? The silly woman went after the old age pensioners for no reason whatsoever… she didn’t need to put that in their manifesto.”
Martin continued: “That lady treated the entire working class of this nation with utter contempt. 

“She thought we’d like Jeremy Corbyn so much that she would sweep to power and she’s made the biggest political error in my lifetime.”


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