Wednesday 7 June 2017

Please stop talking!

Did I mention that these days people everywhere are talking about BBC bias? It’s the next big dinner-party thing, after antisemitism and Islamophobia.

We’re rapidly becoming superfluous but I’m taking our potential redundancy as a sign of success; not that the trend for noticing the BBC’s bias is likely to have been due to sites like ITBB. It’s just something that is painfully obvious, and for some reason the penny suddenly seems to have dropped. It’s a national zeitgeist, and zeitgeists work in mysterious ways. 

Have you seen this piece in the Daily Mail (OMG) by Andrew Pierce? 

It’s about Mishal Husain and her miserable week:
“Day the BBC's golden girl became a spokesman for Corbyn: ANDREW PIERCE on a miserable week for presenter Mishal Husain”

I don’t know why the headline starts with “Day”, which doesn’t make sense, but some of Pierce’s observations are valid. He notes her disdainful, school-mistress manner and the imperious tone of her rude interruption of Boris Johnson in full flow:

'No, no, please stop talking.' Johnson, clearly taken aback, said: 'But you have invited me on your show to talk.’

The biggest mistake Pierce made was to ignore Husan's outrageous bias against Israel. But he’s new to this game. You can’t have everything. 

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  1. Pierce quotes two anonymous "Senior BBC Figures", who don't speak kindly. Justin Webb and Sarah Montague, perhaps? Or somebody in production or management? If it's a jealous colleague or two, then we'll have to ignore it.


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