Saturday 24 June 2017

Why oh why...?

I haven't listened to Any Answers for some time now. Listening today though shows that little has changed. 

Anita Anand's still there dominating the programme, turning it into The Anita Anand Show.

But, that said, she didn't seem as interventionist as I expected her to be this week. (I expected clucking on an industrial scale).

Just for fun though (Whatever!) I thought I'd count the amount of time Anita talked on today's edition to see whether my impression of her dominance was grounded in any reality whatsoever. (I counted very precisely, of course.)

The result?

Her voice accounted for 37% of the programme's airtime. Callers' voices accounted for 63%.

So Anita Anand talked for over a third of the programme's duration today.

As I say, she struck me as being unusually hands-off this week, so I suspect the ratio is usually even more in her favour.

As the callers today were full of interesting opinions, I'm still of the opinion that I'd like to hear less from Anita.

Make Any Answers a proper listeners' forum again. 

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  1. You haven't heard what this programme has been dishing up of late. Around election time they put it on for an hour! I think that was for the week before and the week after polling day. And if you think Anand is bad - she is - have a listen to this:

    How long does the intro to Any Questions? usually take? The percentage of presenter speech for the first five minutes of this one must be more like the digits reversed of the 37% you clocked.


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